Why Is Carpet Not Dry After Steam Cleaning


Why Isn’t My Carpet Dry After Steam Cleaning?

Making sure your carpet dries in a  timely manner after cleaning is crucial to ensuring no mold growth occurs afterwards. We’ve heard many horror stories where someone rents a carpet cleaner or buys one from the store to save on money, only to find their carpet stays damp for days. There’s a couple of reasons why your carpet isn’t drying like it should, and in this article we’ll talk about what causes moisture to stay in your carpet, how to ensure it dries in a timely manner, and best practices for maintaining the quality of your carpet.

1. Too much water release

For many people, more water and soap means better cleaning results, but in the case of your carpet, this simply isn’t true. In fact, the majority of your carpets are actually cleaned just by vacuuming them, because heavy soils are what lay dormant in your carpet the most and can mostly be removed using a good vacuum cleaner that has great brush power and strong suction.
However, most people using a self-carpet cleaning machine do way more passes in an area than they should, causing the water to weigh down from the carpet fibers and soak deep into the padding underneath. Not only does it make it harder for the water to be removed, but it also soaks into the dirt making it heavier to remove.

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2. Poor air suction

The typical store carpet cleaner is designed to really do two things well: agitate the surface with a product using a rotating brush, and removing moisture from the surface tops of your carpet fibers. However when you release too much water into your carpet, they don’t have the power remove moisture that has seeped close to the padding (which is why most manufacturer labels will include handling directions that state to only use 1-2 passes in an area).

How to Ensure the Best Dry Time for Your Carpet

The best solution to ensuring your carpets dry in a timely manner is by hiring a carpet cleaning service who has the right equipment to effectively clean and extract your carpets.

When you use a professional carpet cleaning service like Always Green Carpet Cleaner, you can have peace of mind knowing our process consists of the following steps:

1. Our process uses less water

We don’t have to use any excessive water to try removing heavier soil, and our steam cleaners release a fine mist that evenly distributes over the carpet so it’s not flooding it. As an extra bonus, because of our powerful steam technology, we’re also killing germs in the carpet, not just removing dirt.

2. Our process uses powerful air suction

Our mobile steam cleaning extractors come with two separate powerful motors (one for releasing steam and the other for sucking the moisture back out). Most store bought rental carpet cleaners only include one pump, which cuts the suction power in half. Our extractor can easily handle up to 25 lbs of water at a time and effectively removes the majority of moisture from your carpet.

Never worry about carpets taking too long to dry

There are definitely some chances with trying to clean your own carpets. Trusting a reliable carpet cleaning service like Always Green Carpet Cleaner is the best way to ensure your carpets are both cleaned and dried within the best time frame. When we clean, the dry time is no longer than 5 hours, not 24-48 hours.

To get started, simply give our friendly customer care team a call at (917) 475-0141 and we’ll set up a walk through with you to provide a free, no-obligation quote.

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