White Carpet and Kids Do Mix


Kids make life a lot more fun, but they also make life a lot messier. Imagine raising kids in a house with white carpet, and ask yourself how long it will take them to completely destroy the carpet in the entire house. You probably think it won’t take too long for that to happen, but you’re mistaken. Carpet and kids might not make the best combination, but they don’t always mean disaster. You can keep your carpet clean with little kids, but it requires some rules, some maintenance, and some patience. 

Maintain the Carpet 

Clean carpets and kids go hand-in-hand, said no one who has ever had either. However, you can become an exception to the rule. The general concept here is to maintain your carpet. If you see a spill, don’t leave it. Clean it up right away. Even if the kids just spill a little water on the floor, don’t leave it there. it won’t stain the carpet, but the fact that it’s wet will allow dirty little feet and fingers to leave more apparent marks on the carpet. Clean it up with a carpet cleaner, and keep it covered until it’s dry to prevent stains. 

Keep Your Entryways Clean 

Since most people come through the house at various locations, it’s important to keep those locations clean. This means more than keeping the foyer floor spotless. It means keeping the front porch clean. It means keeping the garage floor clean so dirt and mud aren’t tracked into the house from outside when people enter the house. Those things are then tracked onto the carpets, which makes them dirtier than ever. 

Call the Professionals 

It’s a great idea to keep the carpet clean with kids in the house on a regular basis, but it’s an even better idea to let the pros do the dirty work a few times every year. Two to three times per year, hire a professional to come into the house and professionally clean the carpets. They’re far more effective at removing evidence of kids on white carpet than even your steam cleaner, and it helps prolong the life of your floors. 

White carpet and kids don’t have to be a deal-breaker, but you must focus on the regular maintenance you need to keep the floors looking good. Ignoring these needs diminishes the longevity of perfectly nice carpet, and you’ll only regret the expense later. 

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