How to Festively Decorate Your Home for the Holidays

Festively Decorate Your Home. For some people Christmas decorating is about tradition and formality, while for others it’s about fun and frivolity. This room has a bit of both. Traditional elements combine with rustic accessories and clever displays to create a sense of casual fun. Notice the hats hanging in the shape of a tree with a star on top? It’s this kind of clever display idea that adds a sense of playfulness to the season.

Old fashioned sleigh bells attached to your front door handle can create a classic, festive feel, and alert you to arrivals at a busy party. Strung lights can also be added to pine boughs on the walls or banisters or serve as the final touch on the mantelpiece. For a warm and festive lighting treatment fill glass containers with strings of holiday lights inconspicuously plugged into a nearby outlet. To add ambiance and glow without the risks associated with burning candles.

Cleaning your home is tiresome enough before you even consider the carpets. Throughout the year your carpets are subject to the cold and snowy winters, the wet springtime, the hot and sticky summer, and the sludge of autumn, so it is no surprise that by November they need a thorough cleaning.

Steam carpet cleaning removes the dirt, allergens, and other particles trapped between the carpet fibres and restores carpets. Heavy traffic can cause carpets to look tired and worn before their time. Replacing carpets every time they start wearing down can cost a lot of money. By investing in carpet cleaning you can extend the lifespan of the carpet, saving you money in the long run. It is important that homeowners seek thorough steam carpet cleaning on a regular basis. The IIRC recommends around every 12 months for the typical homeowner.

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